You can:

  1. Ask for a reminder (Remind me to call Tim when I get to the office)
  2. Ask to send a text (Tell Philip I’m late)
  3. Ask for the weather (Do I need an umbrella?)
  4. Ask for information (Where’s the best sushi?)
  5. Ask to set a meeting  (Meet Michelle for dinner at 7 pm)
  6. Ask to send an email (Email Kim: I have to cancel our lunch today.)
  7. Ask for a number (Look up Greg’s number)
  8. Ask to set an alarm (Set an alarm for 7 am)
  9. Ask for directions (Where’s the nearest pub?)
  10. Ask about your stocks (How’s Apple stock?)
  11. Ask to set the timer (Set the timer for 5 minutes)
  12. Ask Siri about Siri (What can you do, Siri?)

You can also use Siri for dictation. Simply say something and it will get that into text for you. 

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