Since news about the iPhone 4S and Siri spread over twitter, some had pretty funny reactions. Let’s take a look at the funniest. (sources: twitter and mashable)

10. in soviet russia siri commands you!!! @nitoTV

9. #Siri, who came first, the egg or the chicken? @LalaBass

8. Haha #Siri in Japanese means Buttocks. Now thats funny! @electrocar

7. “Hey Siri, Which Is The Most Shocking City?” Siri: Electri-City.@siriouslyfunny

6. Yay my baby siri is trending @DangDeee

5. Siri-ously funny: Siri, when will the iPone 5 be released? @edaklen

4. Siri, I solemnly swear I’m up to no good. @mithical

3. also kind of hoping if daughters whines she wants a pony, Siri doesn’t act on it. Lol. @NancyNally

2. “Oh! servant” “Yes sir, can I help you?” “Who are you?” “huh!!” “too late, your fired” now with #iPhone4s ‘ #siri @GamalEl

1. “I’m over HERE… under the COUCH… next to your KEYS you idiot!!” – Siri @iBlayne

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